Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth

The history of the Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Adolescents 

begins in 1923. year by founding the Clinic of Neurology, the then Clinic of Nervous and

mental illness. In the same year at the Medical Faculty of the University of

Belgrade the first lecture in developmental neuropsychiatry was held in.


Diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders, hyperkinetic disorder, depression, anxiety, tics, eating problems, psychotic disorders in children and adolescents


Pediatric neurology is a very specific and broad field of medicine. Pediatric neurologists deal with diseases of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system (peripheral nerves, muscles and autonomic nervous system)


Health associates are experts of various profiles (psychologist, speech therapist, special educator, social worker) who enrich the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the Clinic's patients with their approach, knowledge and skills.

With knowledge to health

There is a clinic for neurology and psychiatry for children and youth is

the largest institution with the longest tradition in this part of Europe

which deals with the treatment of children and adolescents with 

neurological and psychiatric illness.



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