The Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Adolescents is the largest and institution with the longest tradition in this part of Europe that deals with the treatment of children and adolescents with neurological and psychiatric diseases. According to its personnel, structural and internal organization, it is a scientific, educational and clinical institution that provides modern health services at the highest level in the field of neurology and psychiatry of the developmental age and whose main goal is child and family care.
Our Clinic is more than forty and five years 24 hours a day open to neurological and psychiatric patients up to the age of eighteen. We are the only medical institution in Serbia of this profile that performs this type of activity and in which children and adolescents can turn for help at any time of the day or night.
The clinic is fully involved in basic integrated academic studies, specialist studies (from fields of neurology, psychiatry, medical psychology) and postgraduate studies at the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade.


All our efforts are aimed at raising scientific, educational and research activities, as well as health care to the highest level, in order to provide our young and young patients and their parents with the most modern approach and a more humane environment for diagnosis and treatment.